Win the Game in Return Man 6
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Ever dreamt of being an American Football superstar or coach? Imagining as if you were the quarterback and you are making a game winning point? Return Man 6 : Wideout is just the thing for you. Set up plays or be the quarter back that catches the long pass. Run over yards and dodge opposing defending ends or defending tacklers. Catch that pass, and make your team win the match.

You will be playing a quarter back that should follow a series of plays. Miss one of the steps or places you must go to, and you will fail to catch the football. As you go on, plays will become more and more complex, the window of time for the catch will be shorter, and you will run further distances and lastly, have more guards defending. You use I, J, K and L for movement and spacebar to catch the football. The controls seems at an awkward position from your usual W, A, S and D or the arrow keys. But as you proceed in the game these keys will also be used for other moves like jumping catch. It will take some attempts but afterwards you will find yourself having no trouble catching those long passes. There will be points credited to you even if a play fails and there is a bonus scores every after successful play. You can share your total points on Facebook or you could just simply send it to a friend when you are playing in the ESPN Arcade website.

For all the sports fans out there but doesn’t want to get out of their seats, you can expect Return Man 6 game to be exciting and full of adrenaline-rush moments. Exercise your hand and eye coordination, relieve stress and at the same time, imagine the feeling of you being the game winning star of your team.

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