Vex 2 unblocked
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The Vex game series is a challenging and exciting skill game where you also need to try some strategies. If you have enjoyed Vex 1, the second sequel, Vex 2, will give you more fun and excitement. Every Act will surely make your adrenaline rush. The same is true with vex 3.

Guide and help the stick figure in his adventure as he finds his way out of each Act. But rest assured that it will not be an easy journey. There are tons of obstacles and problems along your way. Be sure to evade all those deadly obstacles. There are also checkpoints scattered strategically. Just run through them for the game to record your progress. If any of the deadly obstacles caught you, you will die instantly. Not to worry though, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have reached in case that happens. The stick figure is very easy to control using your keyboard. Use the A,S,W,D keys or the arrow keys in playing the game.

There are now four panels to choose from in the Main Menu. These are the Play mode, the Stage Builder, the Achievements and the Options. Toggle the music and sound effects on and off in the Options menu. The Achievements Room is a new feature in Vex 2. The game developers thought of adding this feature to make the game more exciting and challenging than the first installment. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete. Challenge yourself to complete all these as you play the game.

When you choose to play the pre-developed game, you will start off with the Tutorial Stage. This is where you get familiar with the controls of the game. You also get an overview of how the game will be. This game consists of nine levels, or better known as Acts. Another game mode to play is the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can build your own Acts and share them with family and friends.

Vex 2 now has an unblocked version. That means you can play the game any time and anywhere. When you are done with Vex 2, proceed playing vex 3 for more adrenaline rush. The third installment, vex 3, is made longer and more thrilling.

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