Strike 4 Heroes
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If you enjoy shooting games so much, the Strike Force Heroes game series is a must play for you. It is one of the best shooting games you will find online. You will surely enjoy shooting all you can as you try to win in every mission.

When you visit the fan page, you will find all game series in the Homepage. From the very first Strike Force Heroes, you will find a lot of improvements made in every sequel. Aside from the added missions and weapons, the graphic representations were also improved. And in Strike Force Heroes 4, new environments were created and the game is now more interesting than ever.

The fourth installment can be played in two ways. First is the Campaign mode and the second is the Challenge mode. In the first mode, you should have the right weapon and the competent team so the mission will not be that hard. When you finish a mission, you also unlock some weapons. Weapons can also be bought in the game shop using cash. You earn cash as you play the game. Take note that unique and powerful weapons can be won in the slot machine. These powerful weapons will greatly help in the battle. In the Challenge mode, your skills will be put into test. You will be facing death matches where survival is a must for you. Additional skills will also be unlocked whenever you finish a challenge. In this mode, you can buy a skill if you are ready to give up your soldiers. You can buy skills using soldiers as payment.

When you visit the game Homepage, you can read a lot and know more about the game. Like in the previous installments, every mission in Strike Force Heroes 4 is unique and different from each other. Some missions will ask you to kill a certain number of enemies. In some missions, you will be given a duration of time to kill or to earn a certain number of points; and a lot more different objectives in each mission.

To know more about the game, visit its Homepage and read. Strike Force Heroes 4 is an addicting shooting game which also requires techniques and strategies.

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