Show Your Skills In Operate Now: Brain Surgery
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If you like playing a doctor, this is your chance to show your operating skills! In this game you are a real doctor and you need to operate your patient’s brain. Operate Now: Brain Surgery is a very challenging game and you need to have strong stomach to play it. So first you will read about your patient’s state. Then you will enter the operation room and give it anesthesia, just like a real doctor.

Since you are operating brain, you will have to cut your patient’s hair. You will have all the tools you need: scissors, shaving cream and a razor. Don’t worry, because there will be instructions trough the game so you know exactly what to do next. After you shave patient’s hair, the operation can begin! So, follow the instruction carefully and use your tools appropriately. Try not to make a mistake! Have some more fun playing this game!

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