Potty Racers 4 – Simply Amazing!
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Potty Racers 1 is a nice game that everyone will love to play. In this game, you get to ride in a portable toilet with wheels! Some people might find the idea quite disgusting, but play the game once and you will find out how much fun it actually is. The game has very vibrant graphics. The game controls are very simple to understand. With the help of the “up” arrow key, the player can jump into the potty. The “right” and “left” arrow keys help you to accelerate as well as maintain the balance of the potty. You can even perform a variety of stunts in this game. You can press any key from 1 to 5 to perform tricks. Each trick or stunt will get you extra points. For instance, doing a single handstand will fetch you 100 points and a back flip with potty will get you 200 points.

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