Play Red Ball 4 and enjoy
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The Red Ball game series is one of the enjoyable adventure games online. As much as adults will love it, kids will also highly appreciate it. Moreover, the game series is totally for free. You need not pay for anything nor create or log into any account.

In playing the Red Ball games, your skills will surely improve. Play as the cute little red ball. Roll and jump your way to the end of the level. The first installment is more like a tutorial. You will face different situations and you will have to think how to make it through. In Red Ball 2, the cute little red ball had seen the love of his life, the lovely Pink Ball. However, he will have to face different situations and get through different obstruction before he finally meets her.

The third installment shows that while Red Ball and Pink Ball were happily strolling in a park, a black ball showed up and saw them. The black ball thought it is better to be hi and Pink Ball together. And so he knocked down Red Ball and took Pink Ball away. It is Red Ball’s mission to rescue Pink Ball and stop black ball from his evil plans.

Red Ball 4 came in three volumes. Red Ball 4 volume 1 is known as Red Ball 4 while Red Ball 4 volume 2 is known as Red Ball 5 and Red Ball 4 volume 3 is also known as Red Ball 6. Volume 1 started with a clipping where a red square appeared. He was a red ball turned into a square by a Black Square. There was no mention in the story whether the black ball in Red Ball 3 is the same as this Black Square. So you can play red ball 4 for free on the computer and enjoy the adventure.

Be prepared to explore the grassy hills on your way to stop Black Square and is evil schemes. Roll and jump as necessary. Play red ball 4 and feel the thrill of being the hero who will save the world from being turned into a big square.

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