Castle Destruction is a must with Crush The Castle 1
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Do you love the positive vibe that the medieval period brings in a particular entertainment medium like a movie or a series? If you are positive about the question, there is a good treat for you. There is a flash game that all of you will surely enjoy. The game is called Crush the Castle 1. This is the first edition from the series Crush the Castle. As the introductory edition, the players cab expect a sort of tutorial and an easy playing environment being an introduction to the series.

King Redvonian is the one who will be followed by the Siege Master which will be take into action by the player engaging with this game. The king wants to destroy all the castles in his area. As the player, you will be given a trebuchet with different weapons that you will use to destroy the castles. You will also encounter inhabitants of the castles and you must kill them all too. There are available upgrades which will be achieved when you earn enough money from the crushing.

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