An upgraded game play in Snail Bob 4
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Do you remember Snail Bob? Yes, he is the cute but slow snail who is the main character in the game series called Snail Bob. He is back with a new adventure in the fourth edition of the series which is called Snail Bob 4. There are three reasons why you will have to check this game out. First is because of the new look of the main character. Second is because of the graphics and designs that are improved and leveled up.

Last reason is because of the added challenge to the players which you will find out if you are on the game proper. Since this is already the fourth installment, expect improved and leveled up game play. The objective of the player is still the same which is to navigate and guide Bob towards the safe exit in each level. The added challenge pertains to the new obstacles that will appear in each level. This time, the player will have to think logically and strategically to win the game. Visit this wonderful game at

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