Get the white blinking ball in Color of Theory

Truly, our life is full of challenges and trials. This time, let’s face it with fun by playing Color of Theory. This computer game online is free for all ages and can be played anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet access. This is very exciting especially if you love solving a puzzle game. Every level is full of challenges. What you’ll do is unlock your path by moving the colors where you are located.

Turning the colors on and off will only depend on your own goals. Just move left or right with the help of the arrow keys on your keyboard. The plus sign that you will see indicates that you are on the right track and will get your goal sooner than later. Just do not forget to get the white blinking ball in each level; you need it to move to the next level.

Lead your team to victory in Return Man 5

If there is one sport that is very popular and highly appreciated in the United States of America and neighboring countries, it would be the one called American Football. There are two reasons why. First is because of the fact that it is a great team sport where a large number of people can engage with it. This is a great place to improve one’s coordination and cooperation. Second is because of the thrilling and exciting goal of the players in the game which makes the mood or atmosphere very festive and alive. The popular sports channel called ESPN has been one of the most supportive in the sports. In fact, they have created and sponsored a flash game which simulates the sport. The name of the game is Return Man 5.

The goal of the players who will be engaging with it is to be the receiver of the ball. You must be able to catch it and get it down to the end line with the touchdown. You must be aware of the opponents’ defenders because they are at will to take you down. You just have to be smart, quick and focus on your goal to reach the end line and make the touch down. Play this wonderful game at

Help the brothers in their adventure in Raft Wars

One of the fun and cute game series existing online is the one called Raft Wars. Do you have any hint or idea what this series is all about? Well if you don’t have any idea, well, this article will surely give you information about the game entitled Raft Wars. The main characters in this game are named Simon and his older brother. The story starts when they found gold and diamonds worth 10 million dollars. That is a lot of money and they don’t know what to do about it.

The news about the treasure they have found spread quickly among others. The people quickly made an action to get the treasure but the brothers buried them in the island. As the player, you will have to help the brothers protect the treasure by shooting the enemies with the weapons that will be given to you such as a toy cannon with missiles and tennis balls. This game is a matter of precision and good eye contact. Help the brothers to succeed with their goal.

Make more spaces in Carrot Fantasy 2 – Desert

Do you enjoy playing tower defense games? Be ready to defend your carrots from enemy attacks in the second installment of Carrot Fantasy, Carrot Fantasy 2 – Desert. But take note that you only have a limited space to put up your defenses. So be clever in putting up your defenses. Enjoy defending your carrot in twelve stages, with each stage having different numbers of waves of enemy invasions. Also, you are given a set of defenses to put up in every stage.

As you defend your carrot, you earn points. When you have earned enough points, use those points in upgrading your defenses. There are also treasures chests around that you can eliminate during enemy attack intervals. Eliminating these treasure chests may gain you extra defenses. And to add some space to put up defenses, you may also destroy rocks and plants.

Style the lady with glamour in Pretty Nurse Makeover

Pretty Nurse Makeover is another interaction game presented in this article. It is quite noticeable that games under this category is becoming more in demand than ever. There are two reasons why. First is because of the fact that the objective is mostly interaction which means the players or gamers will have an easy time understanding what the game is all about. Second is because of the fact that they often feature easy controls through the utilization of mouse and clicks because gamers encounter difficulty memorizing certain keys for game controls.

Going back with Pretty Nurse Makeover, the mission of the gamers is to help the nurse with her self-esteem and style. Most of us are aware that being a nurse is very stressful and demanding which lead to events where a nurse sometimes forgot to think about herself. Make sure that you will be able to style the nurse beautifully. Give her the best makeover with the help of tools presented in the game.

A great simulation game ahead in Farm Frenzy 3

Farming is one of the noblest means of living because of many reasons. First is because it takes a lot of effort and sacrifice before one is able to get what he or she has planted. Second is because of the crops that are healthy and cheap which is also a great source of food and income. Last is because this is where we will be able to see the product of hard work with a combination of blood, sweat and tears of the people behind the food that we are able to eat on a daily basis. This is the reason why farming has been incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games as a symbol of appreciation.

In fact, this article that you are currently reading offers a good game which is called Farm Frenzy 3. From the title alone, you can definitely say that it has something to do with farming. The mission of the players who will be engaging with it is to simulate the process of farming and raising livestock. You can earn virtual money for upgrades and other things needed in the farm. Click here for more info now!

Defend the circular world in Red Ball 2

Are you familiar with Red Ball 2? Do you have an idea what is this thing all about? If you are totally clueless, then let this article help you become aware about it. Red Ball 2 is the second installment or edition from the game series with the same title minus the number 2 on it. This is also the sequel to Red Ball 1. This is an important edition because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that it is the one that will continue the story that is left from Red Ball 1. Second is because of the fact that it is the one that will continue the game play that the gamers will have to face or encounter before they will be able to become successful with it.

The mission or objective of anyone who want to play this specific game is to control the red ball towards the end of each level while overcoming the hinders or obstacles along the way. Most importantly, save the circular world from being a square one. Try it now!

Plunder all the treasures in Treasures Seas

Treasure Seas is a game created and developed by It has been serving tremendous entertainment since 2008. This is a treasure hunt game that you will surely love if you are a treasure enthusiast or a curious gamer who tries new games available online. This is a cute game because of the gameplay and the graphics, designs and environment. The story in this game is that you are a treasure hunter who is tired of searching the caves and other landscapes and want to try the seas. Your first mission is on the Caribbean Seas.

You will be using a submarine to go down deep the sea to collect or gather all the treasures that you will find out. At first, you will be using a small submarine and after you are able to collect enough treasure, you can upgrade it into a big one. Make sure that you are able to find the three trade routes to advance in the game.

Familiarize the given weapons in Cactus McCoy Weapons

Are you familiar with Cactus McCoy Weapons? Is it a game, a movie or a television series? If your answer pertains to the first option, then you are correct. Cactus McCoy Weapons is actually part of the compilation game called Cactus McCoy. This page or portion is specialized in determining the weapons to be used if you will be playing any edition or all the editions of the game series.

There are two reasons why this page is very important. First is because of the chance given to the players to familiarize the weapons they will be using on the game. It is right to know your weapons so that you will be very prepared going into action. Second is because they also give ideas to players on which one is the most powerful as well as the weaker one in order to stabilize their performance. At the beginning of each game, the players will be using their bare hands but if they are able to achieve certain points and money, they will be able to upgrade or buy weapons like shooting weapons, throwing weapons, melee weapons and whips.

Games Like Gun Mayhem that you will like

If you had played all the Gun Mayhem sequels, you will surely ask for more. There are a lot of shooting games which have similar features with Gun Mayhem and you should check this out. One worth mentioning is Fight for Glorton which is an action game where you will fight against the opponents; damage them until they are ejected out from the playing arena. You can also choose your character and you can opt to play in single or multiplayer mode.

Another game like Gun Mayhem is Superfighters which is an action game where you can play in single or multiplayer modes. In multiplayer modes, you can play as a team with the other player in the stage mode or you can play against the other player in Vs mode. Combat Hero Adventure is also similar to Gun Mayhem. It is an action adventure shooting game played in an arena.