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The Exorcist Scary Maze Game

Playing games on the Internet is really fun, it is a delightful activity among family members and friends. The tastes of players vary a lot. Some people prefer not too scary games but some others like to be scared, they like really scary video games which produce goose bumps on them.

To strengthen the scary atmosphere these video games are accompanied by a loud sound, scary images and other special effects. Scary maze games are considered to be one of the best games on the Internet, with millions of online game fans.

The scary maze game is a part of a scare pranks called screamers or jump scares.  the original “Scary Maze Game” was created by developer Jeremy Winterrowd in 2003. Scary maze game can refer to the particular game itself as well as the popular prank, reaction videos, memes, sometimes called the scary maze prank. It can be used to scare members of the family or friends.

The funny scary Maze game is also known all over the world as the’ Exorcist Maze’ due to the face seen in the game. That disturbing face belongs to Linda Blair from the movie ‘Exorcist’. The Maze game is a puzzle where players have to guide a little blue ball through the multi-level maze without touching any of its walls.

If you make a mistake and touch the wall, you will have to play the game from the very beginning. You must clear the first four levels all together one after another without stopping. When level one is cleared the game gets harder and the maze corridors get narrower. The aim of these strict rules is to make the player focus on the dot.

This game demands intensive concentration. After the player completes one level, a scary picture suddenly pops on the screen, accompanied by a loud scream. It is important to remember that the Scary Maze is not for everyone. It is very scary and should not played by small children or anyone with a heart condition or any other health problem that may be sensitive to sudden loud noises or scary situation.

Exorcist Scary Maze games have a lot of good effects on people’s daily life. They improve the eye-hand co-ordination and allow a person to gain certain essential abilities in life, the surprises and difficulties of the game help to improve the thinking ability and develop fast reaction in any situation.

The puzzle solving mode of the game increases the ability of creative thinking which means that the player improves his brain activity and it will be more mentally active. The games can also be helpful to overcome depression as well by getting involved into the game and lose connection with the real world.

Many medical departments use these games as a form of physiotherapy. The games distract the patient’s mind so it is very helpful for a person who is sick or has injuries to avoid the pain and illness.

Despite all these obvious advantages Exorcist Scary Maze games have some drawbacks as well. Many people firmly believe that the harm of these games is huge. These games are also an open source of a powerful electromagnetic field.