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Drive over zombies in Earn To Die 4

The story of the first Earn to Die started when the zombie apocalypse dawned on your hometown. You were among the few survivors. Yet you believe that there is a place safe and away from all those zombies.

You scanned the area thinking and looking for a way to finally get away from the undead. From not so far afar, you saw a helicopter. You thought it could bring you some place far from all these chaos. However, you need a vehicle to get to the helicopter.

You will start off with the small hatchback. Each run you make is equal to a day. Your main goal is to make your vehicle reach the helicopter in one run. For this to happen, you need to fully upgrade you vehicle. Do this at the end of the day, when you have enough cash to upgrade your vehicle. You earn cash for each zombie you run over and for the distance you were able to run. However, the small hatchback will not make it to the helicopter even when fully upgraded.

When you have earned enough cash, buy a better and tougher vehicle. The second vehicle is the old good pickup and the third is the heavy truck. Only the heavy truck can reach the helicopter when fully upgraded. You can skip buying the old good pickup and buy the third vehicle instead. However, it will surely take you more days to earn rather than buying the second vehicle when you have the means. Remember that it is also your goal to reach the helicopter in the shortest possible time.

In the first Earn to Die, one wheel upgrade is missing. But in The last one, the super wheel had been found. Once again enjoy playing the original game, yet this time, play it with all the improvements and complete upgrades. Challenge yourself to complete Earn to Die 4 in a shorter time or lesser days that you have completed The first version.

Earn to Die 4 is an addicting run-them-over car game. Best of all, like all other Earn to Die games, it is a free game which you can play online.