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Strap your pet and make them travel over 200mph in Rocket Pets

Play with your pets, and launch them in cannons. Or attach them to rockets. Yes you can do that in Rocket Pets, but do not try this on your house pet or your neighbor’s. Anyway enjoy in this adventure game by going as far as you can, without having your pet’s jetpack explode or getting spiked. Fly on different worlds, and enjoy the view while playing. You will control your pet, by left clicking and holding it. the longer you hold the left-click button, the higher your pet will fly, but beware that your pet’s jetpack may overheat and explode. There is a temperature bar on the lower=right corner that show you how hot the jetpack is.

Letting your pet run will rest the jetpack and will lose some heat, but it is real slow and will not sustain the run, so you need to pick up power ups that will help it cool down. Coins are also scattered in each stage, loot as many as you can to upgrade your pet’s jetpack and coin magnet capabilities. You can also buy more pets that can substitute your fallen ones, and continue the run. After collecting enough “pet paws” you can unlock another world to explore. Rocket Pets is a fun running game, that animal lovers will truly love. Aside from the cute pets that you can choose from, the sound is really adorable and something that can relax you as you play. So try it out and let me know what you think.

Win the Game in Return Man 6

Ever dreamt of being an American Football superstar or coach? Imagining as if you were the quarterback and you are making a game winning point? Return Man 6 : Wideout is just the thing for you. Set up plays or be the quarter back that catches the long pass. Run over yards and dodge opposing defending ends or defending tacklers. Catch that pass, and make your team win the match.

You will be playing a quarter back that should follow a series of plays. Miss one of the steps or places you must go to, and you will fail to catch the football. As you go on, plays will become more and more complex, the window of time for the catch will be shorter, and you will run further distances and lastly, have more guards defending. You use I, J, K and L for movement and spacebar to catch the football. The controls seems at an awkward position from your usual W, A, S and D or the arrow keys. But as you proceed in the game these keys will also be used for other moves like jumping catch. It will take some attempts but afterwards you will find yourself having no trouble catching those long passes. There will be points credited to you even if a play fails and there is a bonus scores every after successful play. You can share your total points on Facebook or you could just simply send it to a friend when you are playing in the ESPN Arcade website.

For all the sports fans out there but doesn’t want to get out of their seats, you can expect Return Man 6 game to be exciting and full of adrenaline-rush moments. Exercise your hand and eye coordination, relieve stress and at the same time, imagine the feeling of you being the game winning star of your team.

Get the white blinking ball in Color of Theory

Truly, our life is full of challenges and trials. This time, let’s face it with fun by playing Color of Theory. This computer game online is free for all ages and can be played anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet access. This is very exciting especially if you love solving a puzzle game. Every level is full of challenges. What you’ll do is unlock your path by moving the colors where you are located.

Turning the colors on and off will only depend on your own goals. Just move left or right with the help of the arrow keys on your keyboard. The plus sign that you will see indicates that you are on the right track and will get your goal sooner than later. Just do not forget to get the white blinking ball in each level; you need it to move to the next level.