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Help the brothers in their adventure in Raft Wars

One of the fun and cute game series existing online is the one called Raft Wars. Do you have any hint or idea what this series is all about? Well if you don’t have any idea, well, this article will surely give you information about the game entitled Raft Wars. The main characters in this game are named Simon and his older brother. The story starts when they found gold and diamonds worth 10 million dollars. That is a lot of money and they don’t know what to do about it.

The news about the treasure they have found spread quickly among others. The people quickly made an action to get the treasure but the brothers buried them in the island. As the player, you will have to help the brothers protect the treasure by shooting the enemies with the weapons that will be given to you such as a toy cannon with missiles and tennis balls. This game is a matter of precision and good eye contact. Help the brothers to succeed with their goal.

Make more spaces in Carrot Fantasy 2 – Desert

Do you enjoy playing tower defense games? Be ready to defend your carrots from enemy attacks in the second installment of Carrot Fantasy, Carrot Fantasy 2 – Desert. But take note that you only have a limited space to put up your defenses. So be clever in putting up your defenses. Enjoy defending your carrot in twelve stages, with each stage having different numbers of waves of enemy invasions. Also, you are given a set of defenses to put up in every stage.

As you defend your carrot, you earn points. When you have earned enough points, use those points in upgrading your defenses. There are also treasures chests around that you can eliminate during enemy attack intervals. Eliminating these treasure chests may gain you extra defenses. And to add some space to put up defenses, you may also destroy rocks and plants.