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Castle Destruction is a must with Crush The Castle 1

Do you love the positive vibe that the medieval period brings in a particular entertainment medium like a movie or a series? If you are positive about the question, there is a good treat for you. There is a flash game that all of you will surely enjoy. The game is called Crush the Castle 1. This is the first edition from the series Crush the Castle. As the introductory edition, the players cab expect a sort of tutorial and an easy playing environment being an introduction to the series.

King Redvonian is the one who will be followed by the Siege Master which will be take into action by the player engaging with this game. The king wants to destroy all the castles in his area. As the player, you will be given a trebuchet with different weapons that you will use to destroy the castles. You will also encounter inhabitants of the castles and you must kill them all too. There are available upgrades which will be achieved when you earn enough money from the crushing.

Drive over obstacles in Devilish Moto Trial

Cars and motorcycles are usually incorporated in different flash games because of three reasons. One is because of the familiarity that players or people have which makes gaming easier and quicker. Second reason is because most of us are fascinated with cars and what a good alternative way to deal with them through flash games. Last reason is because of the thrill and adrenaline rush that they can bring once they start moving or racing. If you are looking for a great and revved up flash game, then you are pertaining to Devilish Moto Trial.

This game lets you show your skills in racing and driving to the virtual crowd by overcoming obstacles and tracks without obtaining damages with your vehicle and with your body too. Along the tracks are power ups that you can achieve or collect so that you can upgrade your vehicle for better performance or driving. It is called Devilish Moto Trial because you have to be fast and aggressive as much as possible to win in the game.

A fantastic game in Gun Mayhem Unblocked

Gun Mayhem Unblocked is a flash game where one has to deal with opponents and eventually kill them to obtain a high score. Arm up and shoot to kill is the slogan of this game. There are two ways to play such as campaign mode and custom game mode. There are two reasons why a player will love this fantastic game. First reason is because it has something to do with fighting opponents or enemies. I am sure that most of us have once imagined to be heroes and playing games like this is a good way to achieve such fulfilling moment when we defeated the opponents successfully. Last is because of the entertainment value it possesses which is basically the main purpose of a flash game.

There is a Gun Library where a player can see and choose a certain weapon based on his or her skills as well as his or her collected points and scores. The different categories of shooting weapons are snipers, shotguns and handguns. The success of the player will depend on his or her strategy and efficiency in shooting. You can get some details here or rely on its main website online.