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Continue the adventure in Journeys of Reemus 2

If there is one great thing about certain flash games online is that, they have a back-story or a continuing scenario. There are two advantages of having a story in a flash game. One is because it can attract gamers to be hooked since they are following a storyline and will keep them interested rather than finishing a level and that’s it. Two is because it can extend the entertainment offered to players. One great example of a game with a story is the flash game called Journeys of Reemus 2.

This game is the second installment from the great point and click game created by Zeebarf. It is called Chapter 2 which served as the continuation with a title of The All-Knowing Parasite following what the previous chapter leaves off. The player’s role is to continue the adventure by interaction either Reemus or Liam as well as the objects using the mouse of the computer. If you want more details about this game, you can rely on the main website found online.

Take care of you passengers in Skywire 1

Skywire 1 is an action-based game of skill in which it features great graphics and accessories. This is developed by Nitromel. This is the first edition from the series called Skywire. There are two reasons why this is a good game to play. One is because it is a game of control and timing. Second is because of the great entertainment it brings which is the main purpose of a flash game. To further know details about this game, feel free to scan the whole content of this informative article.

The player’s role in this game is a chairlift controller. You must guide and transport three passengers towards the safety goal line. You should twist and turn your chairlift along the course. Make sure that none of your passengers will fall or else, your scores will be deducted. Beware of the obstacles too like bombs, frogs, pandas and monkeys lurking around the course. You can play this game free at

Show Your Skills In Operate Now: Brain Surgery

If you like playing a doctor, this is your chance to show your operating skills! In this game you are a real doctor and you need to operate your patient’s brain. Operate Now: Brain Surgery is a very challenging game and you need to have strong stomach to play it. So first you will read about your patient’s state. Then you will enter the operation room and give it anesthesia, just like a real doctor.

Since you are operating brain, you will have to cut your patient’s hair. You will have all the tools you need: scissors, shaving cream and a razor. Don’t worry, because there will be instructions trough the game so you know exactly what to do next. After you shave patient’s hair, the operation can begin! So, follow the instruction carefully and use your tools appropriately. Try not to make a mistake! Have some more fun playing this game!