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Be a great navigator in Dolphin Olympics 1

Dolphin is one of the most intelligent animals in the entire world. It can obviously swim endlessly as well as efficiently. They can also perform tricks or stunts that seem impossible for an amphibian to pull through. They are easy to train and really pick up signals efficiently. There is no wonder why they are incorporated or used in certain shows such as Dolphin Shows. Though it is a form of entertainment, there are some activists that are protesting against the show and want a stoppage of its run. This is a long issue which will need necessary and right decision at the right time. Dolphin Olympics 1 is a flash game that features dolphins.

The good thing about Dolphin Olympics 1 is that it is a good alternative to still enjoy playing or watching dolphins without abusing them since this is through a virtual medium. The player’s mission in this game is to train and navigate the dolphins in performing certain tricks so that it can compete with others in the competition. The scores will depend on the execution if the tricks required or needed in the competition. Visit for more details.

Eliminate the poo in Poo Dumper

Are you familiar with Poo Dumper? Do you have any idea about it? Is it a movie, television series or a flash game? If your answer is pointing to the first two options, you are wrong because it is an example of a flash game. This is somewhat gross if you base on its title but a fun flash game. But before that, let us discuss about the importance of flash games. One is the entertainment they offer to many people. Second is the learning a person or an individual gets by playing a particular game.

Going back to Poo Dumper, the main thing that you have to deal with are poos. Your task as a player is to drive a truck. The specific things that you have to load and unload are poos. It maybe gross but it is fun as you are currently playing. You just have to dump the poo on the designated area at the right time. Your score will depend on how many poos you will be able to dump or eliminate.

Strike Force Heroes 3: When you have asked for it, Its finally coming

This is the massive Strike Force sequel you have been waiting for is now on the gaming portals. Strike Force Heroes get ready for the new version of the game with Strike Force Heroes 3. Huge changes have been made into the game as per audience choice. Now you can manage your own heroes and their recruitment will come up with own stats, power and flaws. Recruiting each hero will give you a feel of uniqueness.

Now when you have a large team, you need to manage their stamina as per your strategy. Heroes will be tired and injured after fighting battles. Swapping the heroes in and out is the only key to maintain a strong team. The game also comes with many other features for which you can visit

Fight them all in Unreal Flash 2007

If you are a fan of shooting games, fighting games or of zombie games, Unreal Flash 2007 will give you the satisfaction of these all. Unreal Flash 2007 is the second of the popular Unreal Flash series.

In this sequel, you will find seven game modes: Story mode where you play as your chosen team; Deathmatch where you have to win five time against your foe; Capture the Flag where you have to get the opponent’s flag five times and bring it to your base at the same time preventing your opponent from getting your flag; Instagib; Last Man Standing; King of the Hill and Zombie Invasion where you have to survive as long as you can. In all of these modes, you can choose your map between Space, DarkCity, Sewer, Shootingfield or Gladiator. Unreal Flash 2007 is not only about shooting but also surviving.

Find the scientist in Covert Front 4

Are you having fun playing escape games? Have you ever played any of the Covert Front series? Covert Front series are escape games full of adventure. It is about a pursuit of a scientist who went missing along with his work that could have ended the World War. And in the final series, Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life, the main character Kara had escaped from a Zurich prison and headed to Lisbon, Portugal. She is determined to find Karl Von Toten, the missing scientist.

Covert Front 4: A Spark of Life is a point and click adventure game. But this game is one of the hardest escape games you will find. The puzzles are a bit hard. Some items or clues are also hard to find. But even though, you would not get bored, the difficulty of this game is just enough to challenge your skill in finding clues.