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Bowman 2: A Great Archery Game!

Shooting targets can be very fun! Especially for people who like archery. Your goal in Bowman 2 is to shoot a target with an accuracy. So you will need some aiming and shooting skills to play this game. if this is your first time playing, you will be happy to know that it includes practice mode so you can improve your skills. When you do that, you can try out player vs computer, and player vs player mode. You heard well! You can play with other players and show off your skills. This is what makes this game even more exciting. The one who has best shots is the winner! Your targets will be wooden objects and other archers. But within the game, there is a mini game where you can shoot birds! It is another challenge for you. You have to shoot flying birds, and it can be tricky because the arrow can come back!