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Uphill Rush 7: Racing In The Waterpark!

Another amazing Waterpark game! If you already tried out Uphill Rush series of games, you will be happy to hear that it is back with some amazing new features here in Uphill Rush 7! And if you like speed and thrill, you are at the right place! You will be driving your vehicle through the Waterpark and you will have lots of fun!
Your objective is to ride as fast as you can and try to win the race! There is a possibility to choose from various vehicles. Motorbikes, trucks, skateboard, it is your choice. As you progress through the game you collect money. With that money you can buy some awesome upgrades for your vehicle, as well as various outfits for your hero. if you are a beginner in playing this game, maybe you would choose low setting of the game, and when you improve you can move on to medium or even high! However, you will enjoy it!

Be A Real Doctor In Operate Now: Brain Surgery!

Bet you have never tried a game like this one! In Operate Now: Brain Surgery it is your time to operate. You have a role of a doctor. So if you liked to play a doctor when you were a kid, now you can do it in more realistic way and have more fun. And if you would like to be a doctor, this is your opportunity to see how it is like. At the beginning of the game, your patient will be presented to you and a description of his disease. After this, depending on the type of disease, you will choose the right operation room. If you are a beginner, don’t worry because there will be instructions through the game and it will warn you if you make a mistake. But concentrate, and follow carefully the instructions. This game follows all the steps just like the real brain surgery. So try it out and have more fun!

Bowman 2: A Great Archery Game!

Shooting targets can be very fun! Especially for people who like archery. Your goal in Bowman 2 is to shoot a target with an accuracy. So you will need some aiming and shooting skills to play this game. if this is your first time playing, you will be happy to know that it includes practice mode so you can improve your skills. When you do that, you can try out player vs computer, and player vs player mode. You heard well! You can play with other players and show off your skills. This is what makes this game even more exciting. The one who has best shots is the winner! Your targets will be wooden objects and other archers. But within the game, there is a mini game where you can shoot birds! It is another challenge for you. You have to shoot flying birds, and it can be tricky because the arrow can come back!

Addiction of Blocky 3!!

The latest version of Blocky flash game is Blocky 3!! This third version is providing you so many new features, so you will be addicted to the game. The plot is as same as previous versions! But this time, it has improved features and more exciting levels.
You need to draw rectangle with the same color blocks. The wider rectangle you can make, the more score will gain! This time there will appear BLACK BLOCKS having grey block, it will give you chance to clear blocks easily in a combo. There will be CLEAN UP and CLEAN DOWN bonus through which will free all smiles of the blocks. TIME BONUS is for increasing time and SCORE BONUS is for increasing bonus. Through BOMB, any area can be cleared, so you need to remove that early. There will be a MULTIPLIER which will multiply your existing bonus, so don’t get late and pickup all the BONUSES. Play and Enjoy!!