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Reach The Exit In Color of Theory

You have never tried out something like this! Color Of Theory is based on a color theory. Primary colors are red, green and blue and secondary colors are cyan, yellow and magenta. It is also a platform game where you need to reach the exit by moving through the platform and changing the colors. But you must try it in order to understand what this is all about. It is very weird game. You will be using your arrow keys to move and jump. There will be thirty very challenging levels and each of them even more challenging than the other one. While you are moving through different colors, you will be changing them and sometimes it will be very hard t reach the end. You need to have a knowledge about color theory if you want to progress in this game. So use that knowledge and find your way out!

Fight The Opponent Players With Linebacker 2

Are you impatient to try out one more football based game? Those games are here just for the real football fans! They give you a possibility to experience a real football, to fight against some very good opponents and be a football star! You have to reach the touchdown! And use all your skills to do that. If you have never tried out this game, ‘How to play’ option will be helpful for you.
You will see that controls are very simple, you just have to practice and get used to them. On your way to the touchdown you will have various obstacles, but also some very helpful features. When you complete stage 2 you will unlock some special move named Bull Rush. After that you will unlock Throw Down and then Shuck. Those special moves are there to help you overcome the obstacles and reach the end zone. Try it out here:

Feudalism Tips: Learn How To Progress

At the beginning you will choose a character. There is a variety of them and they all have some great features, powers and weapons. Later you can customize them. Then you can choose troops. It is very important to take a couple of extra warriors to help you at your quest. Through the battles you can stay without your troops, but make sure your main character stays alive because when he dies, you lose the game. At the beginning is it best not to stand out so much and wait until you have more powerful items and weapons.
is very important to upgrade and replace your old items with better ones. This is definitely the purpose of the game. Upgrade and get stronger and stronger. Hang back until you are strong and equipped enough to attack. That the secret of the game. Use these tips and you will definitely master the game.