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Defeat the enemies in Helmet Bombers 2

What is the essence of the existence of bombs? Most people thought that this thing is all about negative destruction. But in reality, this weapon is also important in destroying old building for new construction. It is also use as an offensive weapon against bad people or enemies. It has been incorporated in flash games too like the one called Helmet Bombers 2. There are two reasons why this game is a hit among players in the gaming world. One is because it involves a lot of action. Second is because it is about defense and offense tactics. Continue reading this content to know more details about Helmet Bombers 2.
The objective of the game is to eliminate enemies using a cannon and bombs. As a player, you must precisely aim and shoot the bomb from the cannon towards the position of the enemies. This game is all about logic and perfect aim and trajectory.

Smash and crush zombies in Earn To Die 4

Want a game that involves zombies, cars and money? There is a flash game that fits the description above. It is called Earn To Die 4. This is the newest version or installment from the flash game series called Earn To Die. This edition is very unique among the other past versions of the series. To know what that distinctive feature is, continue your familiarization with this game by scrolling down and scanning the whole content. The one feature that makes this game unique is the presence of a timer or a clock.
The objective of this game is to reach the goal line before the time runs out. Included in the objective is the smashing, crushing and bumping of zombies lurking on your way with the use of four types of vehicles available like a highway patrol car, a patrol transport van, a traffic enforcement truck and a standard police car. The player must be able to unleash his or her driving and smashing skills to accomplish the levels of this game.

Execute Stunts in Skateboard City 2

Are you familiar with skateboard? Have you played one before? Well, if you are on a positive note, there is a good news for you but before that, let us define or describe what a skateboard is for people who don’t have an idea about it. A skateboard is like a surfboard but the only difference is that it has wheels to make it move on land. The good news is about the game called Skateboard City 2 which can be played by everyone. The player will be given options of the character he or she wants to play as well as the type of skateboard he or she will use.
The objective of this game is to perform or execute stunts or tricks to earn high score. Avoid the certain obstacles and clear each tracks. The good thing about this game is that one can be able to play skateboard in a virtual way. From this, he or she will have a clear picture or view of the process of skateboarding without the need of performing it in real life.