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Eliminate bad people in Mort The Sniper

In our society, there will are two types of people. One is the good type who aims for the betterment of the society and the other one is the bad type who aims for the destruction of peace in the society. To avoid the growth of these bad guys, the existence of laws somehow decrease the percentage but there should be a more intense system in stopping bad guys. There is a flash game about stopping these bad guys through the help of a sniper. The game is entitled Mort the Sniper. The player will help Mort accomplish his mission of eliminating bad guys.
Mort will receive a mission of who are the bad guys to be eliminated. Help Mort complete the task by precisely and carefully shooting the bad guys using a sniper rifle. Mort The Sniper is a game that requires precise shooting and sense of direction to accomplish the task. Aim and shoot the bad people and maintain the peace in the society