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Survive obstacles in Run 2 Live

Exercising is an important activity in everyone’s life because it enables every individual to be fit and have a long life. It is a must to at least exercise once or twice a week. In segway to the topic, actions such as jumping, walking and running have been incorporated with flash games. Run 2 Live is a perfect example that will challenge e players to the limit.
Run 2 Live is about a boy that needs to save his friend captured by a dragon. In order to do that, he needs to such survive obstacles as well as fight enemies before enabling to free his friend. Ere are three reasons why Run 2 Live is very engaging to play. One is because of e challenge brought by eve level that aims to test one’s skills and strategic thinking. Second is because of the puzzles presented that needs to be solved and the last one is the upgrade option where one player have the freedom to upgrade his or her skills to survive every level.