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Eliminate bad people in Mort The Sniper

In our society, there will are two types of people. One is the good type who aims for the betterment of the society and the other one is the bad type who aims for the destruction of peace in the society. To avoid the growth of these bad guys, the existence of laws somehow decrease the percentage but there should be a more intense system in stopping bad guys. There is a flash game about stopping these bad guys through the help of a sniper. The game is entitled Mort the Sniper. The player will help Mort accomplish his mission of eliminating bad guys.
Mort will receive a mission of who are the bad guys to be eliminated. Help Mort complete the task by precisely and carefully shooting the bad guys using a sniper rifle. Mort The Sniper is a game that requires precise shooting and sense of direction to accomplish the task. Aim and shoot the bad people and maintain the peace in the society

Attack now in Strike Force Heroes 3

Are you ready to play another cool and awesome action game? Are you ready to bring out the soldier in you that wants to defeat all the bad guys? Well then, the game for you is finally here! In Strike Force Heroes 3, the third installment of the very popular game series, you are once again tasked to defeat and eliminate all of your enemies. There are 50 levels ready for you to play and overcome. Show the world that you are the best soldier in this awesome game. There are plenty of awesome features in Strike Force Heroes 3.

Strike Force Heroes 3 is a very awesome action game that will definitely leave you wanting for more. Visit their website now and complete all 50 awesome levels!

Awesome stunts in Motocross Nitro

Are you a motocross fan? Do you like watching players rev their engine up and do all sorts of awesome tricks that just take your breath away? Well if you do, you’re in luck because in Motocross Nitro, you get to experience this awesome sport in a virtual setting. In Motocross Nitro, customize your bike and your character to fit your needs. Also check out the stunts page and memorize some cools stunts you can use during the tournament. Remember, the cooler the stunt, the higher your chances of winning. No link is provided for the game but you can always search for it online.

Motocross Nitro is a very fun and awesome game that will surely make your adrenaline levels spike. Although no link is provided, don’t let that stop you from playing this awesome game.

Survive obstacles in Run 2 Live

Exercising is an important activity in everyone’s life because it enables every individual to be fit and have a long life. It is a must to at least exercise once or twice a week. In segway to the topic, actions such as jumping, walking and running have been incorporated with flash games. Run 2 Live is a perfect example that will challenge e players to the limit.
Run 2 Live is about a boy that needs to save his friend captured by a dragon. In order to do that, he needs to such survive obstacles as well as fight enemies before enabling to free his friend. Ere are three reasons why Run 2 Live is very engaging to play. One is because of e challenge brought by eve level that aims to test one’s skills and strategic thinking. Second is because of the puzzles presented that needs to be solved and the last one is the upgrade option where one player have the freedom to upgrade his or her skills to survive every level.