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Play George Bush hot dog game

Do you know the thing that the US presidentBush was not famous for? Let me explain it, it’s hotdogs. George Bush hot dog game can introduce you the former president of the USA. You will see in this game that the president is selling some food items by establishing a stall before the people who are rushing to purchase items from him. Once you open the game, the concept and features would be more evident for you. However, before you get up on your high horse, I would like to tell something, it’s just a game, nothing is real here.
Since it’s just an online game, so nobody is allowed to have any political point of view about the US president after playing this game. Take it as a game and enjoy without barring any issue regarding any political matter.

Drive having safety in Smash Palace

Willing to get destroyed or destroy playing the crazy Smash Palace game? The game relates to racing, so get a car and start playing. Your goal is to upgrade the vehicles and then smash other vehicles, but make sure to avoid damaging your own vehicle during smashing. If you want to earn much money and get a lot of upgrades, you must survive all races. No more controls are involved here in this game except the arrow keys.
This game is developed by Bulletproof Arcade company. Get ready to pimp up the ride to remain live in the whole race. You will face other drives as well, which are the only starting problem for you. There are many mines, several grinders and a lot of airstrikes that make the game a very dangerous location for driving.

Perfect images in Kingdom rush 3

This 3rd edition contains the same ideas as the previous first and second versions. The method of playing is same, however, this 3rd version has modern and advanced features and spells and contains harder to fight villains. Make the troops ready as you are going to send them to secure the beloved kingdom path. And make sure to make these troops sent before your enemy evil arrives with his weapons and kill the people you love and care. Visit this official site to learn how to save the kingdom.
The version has same graphics as the previous games, but this game contains some animated characters, perfectly designed pictures and several colors. The gamer is free to modify the sound setting, so he can turn the music off or on any time while playing the game or when he starts.