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Create your own Racing Path with The Pencil Racers

Do you love racing games? Do you want to create your own race track? If yes then you should really play the Pencil Racers flash game. This is one addictive game and it will make you have so much fun that you would not stop playing it. You can draw and customise your own track and moreover even decorate them with heavy duty tools.
The Pencil Racers has awesome collection of different types of vehicles like the trucks, tanks, pigs and ducks. So just simply choose your favourite vehicle and be ready to enjoy this fun ride. The game play of this flash game is very simple and easy to follow, you just need to use your mouse for clicking and drawing your track with the help of different tools, you can also select different tabs to work your way out. Don’t forget to save the game to share your own world of tracks with your friends.