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Very interesting Crush The Castle 4

Let me introduce the Crush The Castle 4. Well, this is the 4th part of Crush The Castle series that is widely famous and known in all over the world. This thrillers and action game was produced by Armor Games, created with unbelievable senses. Once you have started playing, you will see that you have been caught in an amazing medieval world where the queens, kings and wizards and a lot of other characters will try their best to stop the development which is being done by you. Read full details here

The basic concept of creating this game is to present it to the teens, but adults can also play it, and according to a survey, adults are more interested in playing this game than the teens. Because they feel an immense happiness during playing.

Escape in Earn to Die 2011

The zombies have invaded your city and they killed all except you. You have no way to avoid them and escape from them, but there is a one job you can do. Try to reach the helicopter which is more than 25000 feet upper from the place you are in. Your goal in this game is reaching the helicopter and escape in a short time as fast as you can in playing Earn To Die 2011. You have only one way to achieve this mission! Just make money and gear up the best vehicle that can strike all the zombies and obstacles. You are the only survivor that is trying to escape from the zombie apocalypse by driving a nice car from the garage and trying to reach the helicopter. The faster you drive the more chances you have to escape.

Destruction in Flakboy 1 Game

If you are really fond of playing flash games in your free time and action games are your favorite, then you should really play the Flakboy 1 Flash game. In this game, action starts with a physical destruction that has taken place in a laboratory.
This browser game is fun to play and it is going to be a ride full of enjoyment. It’s time to kill the flakboy, lets make some destruction. Lets destroy flakboy with the help of cool weapons. All one needs to do is drag the mouse and roll over the options and add them in the list and the border should be green always and you should place the weapons properly. Place the ducky to finish your design and hit Go, to see how many damage dollars you can rack up. So enjoy Flakboy 1 game with your friends or housemates and have some very high entertainment time.

Milk Quest to Help The Kitty

Want to play one of the most fun flash games for your free time. Then you should download the Milk Quest online and start playing it and getting entertained. This is a very exciting game and has received the best of review from many.
The game idea is good and is going to be something to have fun whenever you are free. The cat in the game is very adventurous but very scared. Help the cat to find the milk treasure. You are the one who can help her to find some milk to drink. With the help of your mouse point start clicking and performing actions. So please help the kitty friend who is so cute and ready to join you for a very adventurous ride. You are really going to enjoy this puzzle game and it will be one of your most played flash games.

Create your own Racing Path with The Pencil Racers

Do you love racing games? Do you want to create your own race track? If yes then you should really play the Pencil Racers flash game. This is one addictive game and it will make you have so much fun that you would not stop playing it. You can draw and customise your own track and moreover even decorate them with heavy duty tools.
The Pencil Racers has awesome collection of different types of vehicles like the trucks, tanks, pigs and ducks. So just simply choose your favourite vehicle and be ready to enjoy this fun ride. The game play of this flash game is very simple and easy to follow, you just need to use your mouse for clicking and drawing your track with the help of different tools, you can also select different tabs to work your way out. Don’t forget to save the game to share your own world of tracks with your friends.