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Shopping Cart Hero 4-Challenging Game

We are all familiar with shopping cart. Sometimes we wish to ride it but can’t do. So here is the Shopping Cart Hero 4 from game that will fulfill your desire. In the game you have to ride a shopping cart powered by engine and have to race.
Now, this interesting game has many sequel that shows how popular the game is. In the game you have to earn points to upgrade your cart. With boost and engine upgrade your cart will go faster. This incredible flash game is quite popular among kids. But adults also play the game. The game is free to play in many sites. This sequel has intriguing sounds and graphics. Also there are new updates in the game which makes it more fun loving and easy to play. In this amazing game there is no violence. So, children can easily play the game. Open up your browser and race with a shopping cart.

Duty Hill 2-Action Game

Duty Hill 2 is an amazing action game where you will have to kill the enemies and for that you can use the guns and your army. The game is very attracting one and when you will play this game you will have a great time.
Duty Hill 2 is a free game which is the second installment of the series game which is going to give you lots of fun. The game is very interesting to play and you will have great time with it. You can play it online for free whenever you like and you will have excellent time with this one. It is a free game to play and you will be able to pass a wonderful time with this one that you must not miss. The game is completely free to play and you can pass a very good time with this online game that you should not miss at all.

Monkey Go Happy 4-Great Puzzle Game

Monkey Go Happy 4 is the fourth installment of the series which is now available online and it can give you great time. In this awesome game your only task is to solve the puzzles to make the monkeys happy. You can play it for getting fun.
Monkey Go Happy 4 is an amazing game which is completely free for playing and you will have a great time with this game and you must not miss the opportunity to play this game. You can play the game online for free and you will have the most amazing time with this game. The game has really very good graphics and you will have the best time with it. This game is really awesome to play and you will have the best time with this one and you must not miss the chance to play it.