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Save A Life in Snail Bob 4

In Snail Bob 4 there is an interesting character that is a snail and he is in a dangerous situation. You have to help the Snail to reach to a safe place. The game is a very nice one and you will get the chance of saving a life. Play the game online here
Snail Bob 4 is a wonderful game that is available here for all the players around the world. Here in this great game you have to control the movement of Bob and take him to a safe place. It is not an easy task to do it because there are lots of enemies here and there and you have to save him anyhow. The game is going to be a wonderful one for you and it will be a great time for you to play. The game is going to be a nice one and you can have lots of fun. You can move Bob in two different speeds. You can use normal speed as well as double speed when needed.