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Play Wonderful Games Like Ricochet Kills

Ricochet Kills are very interesting games and there are several installments of the game. The game is always here for you with lots of fun and you just have to play it. The concept of the game is unique as it is physics based shooting game. Why are you waiting for? Play now!!!
Ricochet Kills is the game which will give you the opportunity to kill the enemies by following the most basic rules of physics. The game is a wonderful game which can give you a great time. The game has lots of features for you and you will really enjoy the game a lot. The games are full of exciting features and they can make your time really enjoyable. The game will give you lots of fun and you will hardly realize that you are passing a great time with it. Play this wonderful game and you will enjoy it a lot.

Wonderful Game-Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2 is very thrilling game which is available online for all the players and while playing it players can enjoy their time. In the game you have to take snail Bob to the safe place so that you can win the game it will be a great time for you. It is the newest version of the game that you can enjoy a lot.
Snail Bob 2 is one of the most wonderful games you will find online and by playing it you can pass such a great time. When you will start to play the game you will start to have fun and it is going to be really a very good time for you. You can start playing the game right now for free and you can take snail bob to the safe place. Using the arrows of your computer keyboard you can move the snail and you can lead him to the safe place. You can also control the speed of the snail. You will basically have two different speeds. You can go on normal speed or on boosted speed.

Amazing Game-Knight Age 2

Knight Age 2 is the second installment of the game series which is very wonderful to play and while playing the game anyone can enjoy their time with it. You can play it and can finish this game! The game is very challenging and you have to hit the opponent so that you can win the game.
Knight Age 2 is a wonderful game which is available online that you can play online and you will be able to pass a great time by playing this wonderful game. You will have to kill the enemies with your weapon. You will not be able to kill the enemy only in one round so you will have to play several rounds to destroy the enemy. The game is very challenging and you will get lots of fun while playing this wonderful game. It is a historic game and you can enjoy your time a lot with this wonderful game.

Play Duck Life 5

Duck Life 5 is the fifth installment of the game series which is a very different type racing game. In this game you have prepare your duck for racing with other ducks. In our page you can play the game and you can have very good time with it.
Duck Life 5 is a wonderful game which is available online and the game can give you very good time and you will be able to pass a very good time with this excellent game. You will have a duck in this game that you have to control. The duck already knows how to run but it can’t balance its body. You must train it properly so that it can balance its body and can run properly. The most amazing thing about the game is you can upgrade the body parts of your duck. Play, train duck and win the races.

Tactical Assassin 3 – Play Here!

Tactical Assassin is a popular action game and all those of you who want a good strategic game must check this – Tactical Assassin 3. The third installment of the series comes with many new features. Although, the basic concept of the game remains just the same, it is the addition of new weapons and improved gameplay that make this version better than the previous ones. The quality of graphics has been enhanced and the soundtrack is also entertaining. The game controls are easy – you can aim and fire using the mouse; to zoom in press the spacebar; and to reload, use pill and adjust quality press R, F and Q keys, respectively. You can choose between two modes – Realism, which is for hardcore gamers, and Arcade, which is for casual gamers. It is obvious that the Arcade mode is easier than the Realism mode. You will have access to all the equipment in the Arcade mode.