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Great Game-Snail Bob Space

Snail Bob Space is a new installment of the game series which is very amazing one and players can really enjoy their by playing this awesome game. In the game you will find snail in the space and you have to save snail bob. You should click here if you are interested in playing the game.
Snail Bob Space is very awesome game which is a great one and you can really enjoy your time with this game. The game is in space and you have to save him. It is quite hard game but you have to do it properly so that you can easily win it. In the game you have to save Snail Bob from the enemies. You will really have fun with the game and you will get a great moment with this game. It can also pass a great time with the game and it is very attracting also.


Snail bob 2 is an exciting adventure that you are free to be
part of. This newest version is about the journey of snail through the forest
with numerous dangers to attend the grandfather’s birthday party. This game
gets you fully involved as you guide the snail to safety by evading and
overcoming all obstacles on the way. The game is fun filled and easy to play
all you need is to be keen in watching out for possible dangers. Are you ready
to guide this slimy and slippery creature to attend the party?

Here is the way to do it

Use the mouse and the key pad to navigate. Click on the
snail in case you want to stop or continue moving. Remember to collect as many
gold stars as possible to win lives hence possibility for the snail to reach in
the party safely. Set the speed you want to move with. Safe journey!

Wonderful Game-Shopping Cart Hero 5

Shopping Cart Hero 5 is really very interesting game to play. In this game you will drive the cart. It is very interesting because you know in real life it is not possible that a shopping cart has engine and can run. In our page you can find the game for free and you will have a great time to play this game.
Shopping Cart Hero 5 is really a good game to play and by playing it you can get lots of fun. The graphical view of the game is very high and it can give you lots of fun. The graphical view of this game can impress any players. In the game you have to drive the shopping cart and have to reach to the destination. It is very hard task to play but you have to do it to get fun. The game is divided into different levels and all of the levels are very interesting to play.

Amazing Game-Electric Man 2

Electric Man 2 is really a funny action based game. In the game all you have to do is you have to find a great way to learn and kill the enemies. This game is very highly appreciated by the customers and they really have great time with it.
Electric Man 2 is very interesting play and when you will play the game you will have lots of fun. The game is an attracting one that can make your time very enjoyable. You have to fight with the enemies while playing the game. There are many enemies here and there and you have to fight with them to win the game. It is not so easy to play but you have to play it wisely so that you can win the game easily. If you are interested in playing online games then you must try this one and hopefully you will love it a lot.