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Scary Maze Game 9: The Newest Flash Game So Far

Scary Maze Game 9: Under the Sea is the newest game so far and has been largely successful among players all over the world. It is a more exciting and more challenging sequel of Scary Maze Game 8. The game centers on reaching your goal without touching the walls, the fish and the monsters. This, sometimes, can be very difficult due to thin walls and tiny spaces. While playing, some dots also appear on your path which you should collect in order to gain more points. The game consists of five levels, each level being harder than the preceding one. If you successfully beat all the five levels, then you will get a special bonus level. The game is overall fun to play and its settings are specially designed for your convenience. You can turn off the music and the sound effects if you want to. The option ‘How to Play the Game’ in the main menu gives you step-by-step guidelines on how to play. Needless to say, the game will surely appeal to you, so much so that you will want to play it again and again.