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Total fun in Skull Kid 2!

Read the page carefully to understand the game. This game is not recommended for kids. You play the title character – The Skull kid. You need to kill it all on every level that you get to. You have various weapons like – The chainsaw, the gun, etc. The game has 2 spin sequels. The sequels get harder as they progress. This is a simple, yet fun game to play. It includes gory scenes, the reason why kids should not be allowed to play it. There would be more enemies as you go ahead and that it what makes the game rather challenging and interesting. Have a great time! 

Cheats for Rail Rush Game

Adventurous games are full of challenges. In these kinds of games every moment is important. Your one mistake can spoil the total game. This is also true for the game Rail Rush. The game is full of thrill and excitements. You will find the scenario of a gold mine in this game. You have to explore and collect gold as much as possible. In the way you will get gold nuggets and gems. Try to collect all of them. I know you are interested to know how to beat the game easily and here you will know that.
The game is quite tricky and you have to play technically. If you are a new player then you must face difficulties in playing the game. That’s why cheat have been introduced. It will help you to handle the game easily. You can also purchase the gold nuggets.
Enjoy this amazing game!

Have Fun Playing Curve Ball!

Curve Ball is a game that you can play anytime and anywhere. Not only is it available for free on numerous websites, you can play it on Facebook, on its web page, on your iPhone, windows and android phone, as well! When you find yourself bored or don’t know how to pass the time, then this game will certainly provide you some entertainment. Inspired from the game Pong, this game comes to you in 3D. You will be playing against the computer. You have to get the ball past your opponent thrice in a row to successfully complete a level and move on to the next one. The first few levels will seem like a child’s play but as you progress in the game, the difficulty will increase and you will have to take multiple shots to pass a level. It may be a simple game but it requires a lot of skill.

Scary Maze Game 9: The Newest Flash Game So Far

Scary Maze Game 9: Under the Sea is the newest game so far and has been largely successful among players all over the world. It is a more exciting and more challenging sequel of Scary Maze Game 8. The game centers on reaching your goal without touching the walls, the fish and the monsters. This, sometimes, can be very difficult due to thin walls and tiny spaces. While playing, some dots also appear on your path which you should collect in order to gain more points. The game consists of five levels, each level being harder than the preceding one. If you successfully beat all the five levels, then you will get a special bonus level. The game is overall fun to play and its settings are specially designed for your convenience. You can turn off the music and the sound effects if you want to. The option ‘How to Play the Game’ in the main menu gives you step-by-step guidelines on how to play. Needless to say, the game will surely appeal to you, so much so that you will want to play it again and again.