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Play Free Rider 2 – The Freedom to Create!

Play Free Rider 2 and you will get hooked to it.You must check this out as this game lets you be the editor. Not only can you pick which vehicle you want to ride – trucks, motor bikes, helicopters, etc. – but the greatest attribute is that it lets you tweak your race course. In addition to this, it gives you the power to create every inch of your track. So, if you’ve wanted to play on a road that extends like a snake – there is a curve after curve – or if you want it to be overcrowded with ramps, then you can go ahead and create such a road! With the tools that this game provides, the possibilities are endless. If you find yourself lacking inspiration, then you can check out several other track codes that are available online. You can pick up bits and pieces from multiple tracks and formulate your own unique course.