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Exciting Hambo 2

Fighting Games are really fun and especially if they comes with a storyline. Hambo is such a game. The game has been so popular that sequels of this has been released and guess what! It is equally welcomed. This is known as Hambo 2, which is available in internet. I know, you would love to play now!
Hambo Game is based on a story of two pork friend, Hambo and Bacon. In the game, there will be given different situations, that Hambo need to handle with help of Bacon. You are going to play the main character, which is Hambo. There are 36 different level of the game. You can select your weapons. Choose the weapons that will help you most in killing your enemies. By killing the enemies, you can earn moneys and use them in upgrading the weapons.
So, what are you waiting for! Go and start playing Hambo 2.