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A Challenging Game- Skull Kid

Flash game is one of the popular sorts of online games. Everyday developers are releasing flash games with unique concepts. You will find different kinds of flash games. Such as action games, shooting games, restaurant games, cooking games, puzzles and many more. Here, you will get to know about a popular flash game Skull Kid. You can play the game for free. You can click here to play the game right now.

Skull Kid is a game with short length. Within this short time you have to do all your given tasks. Here, you will find yourself in an office. The office stuffs are stuck there and enemies want to kill them. You have to kill those enemies. You will get weapons for killing them. Again, avoid killing the civilians. There is different kind of weapons and you also need to unlock some of them.

Fighting Game- Electric Man 3

Which kind of online game attracts you the most? Is it the fighting games? Actually, these games are full of excitement and fun. One mistake and you are killed by your enemies. Here we are going to focus on such a game. It is known as Electric Man. There game has different successful sequels and Electric Man 3 is one of them. You can play now this fun game.
In Electric Man 3, your task is to defeat your enemies and here you are going to play the role of an electric man. In the beginning of the game, you have to customize your character. There will be group of opponents. In order to defeat them, make your move powerful. There are several levels of the game. You also can play the tournaments which are full of excitements. The improved graphics and the sound quality will attract you more towards the game.

Shoot Your Enemies with Tennis Balls in Raft Wars 3

Most gamers look for a well designed graphics in a game.  Raft Wars 3 is very simple and has a plain graphics but it has a significant attractiveness that encourages gamers to finish the game.  In this game, you will find a lot of kinds of opponents in every level.  Your custom made water shooter is badly needed to hit your enemies.  Your goal in this game is very simple; all you have to do is protect your treasure from Vikings and Pirates who want to steal them.  Your gun can be loaded by different kinds of ammunitions such as: missile, tennis balls and grenades.  You must also remember that the power of your attacks will considerably dependent upon the range of your target. On top of that, you have to make sure that your foes won’t be able to get you and your brother out of the raft. The 1st crew who will tumble into the water will have to repeat the game.

Exciting Hambo 2

Fighting Games are really fun and especially if they comes with a storyline. Hambo is such a game. The game has been so popular that sequels of this has been released and guess what! It is equally welcomed. This is known as Hambo 2, which is available in internet. I know, you would love to play now!
Hambo Game is based on a story of two pork friend, Hambo and Bacon. In the game, there will be given different situations, that Hambo need to handle with help of Bacon. You are going to play the main character, which is Hambo. There are 36 different level of the game. You can select your weapons. Choose the weapons that will help you most in killing your enemies. By killing the enemies, you can earn moneys and use them in upgrading the weapons.
So, what are you waiting for! Go and start playing Hambo 2.