Drive over zombies in Earn To Die 4

The story of the first Earn to Die started when the zombie apocalypse dawned on your hometown. You were among the few survivors. Yet you believe that there is a place safe and away from all those zombies. You scanned the area thinking and looking for a way to finally get away from the undead. From not so far afar, you saw a helicopter. You thought it could bring you some place far from all these chaos. However, you need a vehicle to get to the helicopter.

You will start off with the small hatchback. Each run you make is equal to a day. Your main goal is to make your vehicle reach the helicopter in one run. For this to happen, you need to fully upgrade you vehicle. Do this at the end of the day, when you have enough cash to upgrade your vehicle. You earn cash for each zombie you run over and for the distance you were able to run. However, the small hatchback will not make it to the helicopter even when fully upgraded.

When you have earned enough cash, buy a better and tougher vehicle. The second vehicle is the old good pickup and the third is the heavy truck. Only the heavy truck can reach the helicopter when fully upgraded. You can skip buying the old good pickup and buy the third vehicle instead. However, it will surely take you more days to earn rather than buying the second vehicle when you have the means. Remember that it is also your goal to reach the helicopter in the shortest possible time.

In the first Earn to die, one wheel upgrade is missing. But in Earn to die 4, the super wheel had been found. Once again enjoy playing the original game, yet this time, play it with all the improvements and complete upgrades. Challenge yourself to complete Earn to die 4 in a shorter time or lesser days that you have completed Earn to die 1.

Earn to die 4 is an addicting run-them-over car game. Best of all, like all other Earn to die games, it is a free game which you can play online.

Play Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Ice Temple

Are you looking for some challenging adventure games? Are you looking for a game where you can bond with a friend or a sibling perhaps? Try playing Fireboy and Watergirl 3 adventures. And in their adventure in the Ice Temple, see if you can find your way to each exit doors of every level.

There are thirty six levels to get through in Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Ice Temple. At the bottom right corner of the Level Menu, there is an option to Show Level No. You will notice that there are paths from one level to another, not necessarily according to their level numbers. That means that you can go next to that level from your current level. Just beneath the Show Level No. option, there is also an option to Show Times, which is the expected time for Fireboy and Watergirl to reach their respective exit doors.

Fireboy and Watergirl 3 Ice Temple, like its prequels, is a game ideal for two players. Though, you can play it all by yourself too. But that will be a bit boring and hard. To control Fireboy, use the arrow keys of your keyboard. To control Watergirl, use the Letters A,S,W,D keys. You will need to make Fireboy and Watergirl cooperate with each other to make it through. You must collect all the diamonds according to what belongs to Fireboy and Watergirl. Take note too that both of them must be able and ready to get in their respective exit doors to finish the level.

Fireboy and Watergirl 3 is an addicting challenging mind boggling game. It is an ideal game for those who love challenges and do not easily give up. It is also a good game for two players who wanted to bond with each other for quite some time. What more, playing Fireboy and Watergirl 3 is totally for free.

Strike 4 Heroes

If you enjoy shooting games so much, the Strike Force Heroes game series is a must play for you. It is one of the best shooting games you will find online. You will surely enjoy shooting all you can as you try to win in every mission.

When you visit the fan page, you will find all game series in the Homepage. From the very first Strike Force Heroes, you will find a lot of improvements made in every sequel. Aside from the added missions and weapons, the graphic representations were also improved. And in Strike Force Heroes 4, new environments were created and the game is now more interesting than ever.

The fourth installment can be played in two ways. First is the Campaign mode and the second is the Challenge mode. In the first mode, you should have the right weapon and the competent team so the mission will not be that hard. When you finish a mission, you also unlock some weapons. Weapons can also be bought in the game shop using cash. You earn cash as you play the game. Take note that unique and powerful weapons can be won in the slot machine. These powerful weapons will greatly help in the battle. In the Challenge mode, your skills will be put into test. You will be facing death matches where survival is a must for you. Additional skills will also be unlocked whenever you finish a challenge. In this mode, you can buy a skill if you are ready to give up your soldiers. You can buy skills using soldiers as payment.

When you visit the game Homepage, you can read a lot and know more about the game. Like in the previous installments, every mission in Strike Force Heroes 4 is unique and different from each other. Some missions will ask you to kill a certain number of enemies. In some missions, you will be given a duration of time to kill or to earn a certain number of points; and a lot more different objectives in each mission.

To know more about the game, visit its Homepage and read. Strike Force Heroes 4 is an addicting shooting game which also requires techniques and strategies.

Explore the cave of Duck Life 5

Are you ready to hunt some treasures and artifacts? Do you want to go in an adventure? Then you should not miss playing duck life 5. It is a getaway from the duck life game series which is all about training and racing.

In Duck Life 5 Treasure Hunt, there will be no more training, feedings or joining in competitions and tournaments to race. Instead, you will be looking for treasures and artifacts while collecting coins in the cave beneath the dormant volcano.

After the fire duck has been defeated in Duck Life 4, the volcano remained dormant. Rumors had it that there is a buried treasure in the cave of the volcano. So, a lot of treasure hunters started to flock to the volcano to look for the said treasures. Help your duckling look for the hidden treasures and artifacts. As you explore the cave, collect as many gold coins as you can. Look for artifacts too for higher score.

But be careful too as you explore the cave of duck life 5. There are obstacles in the cave which will hinder you from going deeper and deeper. You should also be quick in reacting to what is ahead of you. And other treasure hunters too will try to outsmart you. Avoid them as much as you can. Upon entering the cave, a pop-up window will also appear. These are additional challenges which will give you great amount of coins when attained.

In duck life 5, the game store is now divided into several shops. You now have the Hairdresser Shop and the Clothing store where you can customize your duckling as to its looks, the Pet Shop where you can acquire useful pets, the Witch Ducktor Shop where you can purchase tools that will help your duckling collect more coins, the Jetpack Store where you can buy jetpacks and the Mechanic Shop where you can buy tools and accessories for your duckling. However, the prices of items from the shops are a bit high. Fulfilling the challenges will greatly help to earn the cash you will need to buy items from the store.

Play Red Ball 4 and enjoy

The Red Ball game series is one of the enjoyable adventure games online. As much as adults will love it, kids will also highly appreciate it. Moreover, the game series is totally for free. You need not pay for anything nor create or log into any account.

In playing the Red Ball games, your skills will surely improve. Play as the cute little red ball. Roll and jump your way to the end of the level. The first installment is more like a tutorial. You will face different situations and you will have to think how to make it through. In Red Ball 2, the cute little red ball had seen the love of his life, the lovely Pink Ball. However, he will have to face different situations and get through different obstruction before he finally meets her.

The third installment shows that while Red Ball and Pink Ball were happily strolling in a park, a black ball showed up and saw them. The black ball thought it is better to be hi and Pink Ball together. And so he knocked down Red Ball and took Pink Ball away. It is Red Ball’s mission to rescue Pink Ball and stop black ball from his evil plans.

Red Ball 4 came in three volumes. Red Ball 4 volume 1 is known as Red Ball 4 while Red Ball 4 volume 2 is known as Red Ball 5 and Red Ball 4 volume 3 is also known as Red Ball 6. Volume 1 started with a clipping where a red square appeared. He was a red ball turned into a square by a Black Square. There was no mention in the story whether the black ball in Red Ball 3 is the same as this Black Square. Play red ball 4 and enjoy the adventure.

Be prepared to explore the grassy hills on your way to stop Black Square and is evil schemes. Roll and jump as necessary. Play red ball 4 and feel the thrill of being the hero who will save the world from being turned into a big square. What more, you can play red ball 4 totally for free.

Vex 2 unblocked

The Vex game series is a challenging and exciting skill game where you also need to try some strategies. If you have enjoyed Vex 1, the second sequel, Vex 2, will give you more fun and excitement. Every Act will surely make your adrenaline rush. The same is true with vex 3.

Guide and help the stick figure in his adventure as he finds his way out of each Act. But rest assured that it will not be an easy journey. There are tons of obstacles and problems along your way. Be sure to evade all those deadly obstacles. There are also checkpoints scattered strategically. Just run through them for the game to record your progress. If any of the deadly obstacles caught you, you will die instantly. Not to worry though, you will be brought back to the last checkpoint you have reached in case that happens. The stick figure is very easy to control using your keyboard. Use the A,S,W,D keys or the arrow keys in playing the game.

There are now four panels to choose from in the Main Menu. These are the Play mode, the Stage Builder, the Achievements and the Options. Toggle the music and sound effects on and off in the Options menu. The Achievements Room is a new feature in Vex 2. The game developers thought of adding this feature to make the game more exciting and challenging than the first installment. There are twenty nine Achievements to complete. Challenge yourself to complete all these as you play the game.

When you choose to play the pre-developed game, you will start off with the Tutorial Stage. This is where you get familiar with the controls of the game. You also get an overview of how the game will be. This game consists of nine levels, or better known as Acts. Another game mode to play is the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can build your own Acts and share them with family and friends.

Vex 2 now has an unblocked version. That means you can play the game any time and anywhere. When you are done with Vex 2, proceed playing vex 3 for more adrenaline rush. The third installment, vex 3, is made longer and more thrilling.

Save the circular world from evil in Red Ball 5

If there is one thing that is very common in sports that we have now, it is the ball. Most sports have this thing as the main goal or object of the play. But nowadays, balls are being incorporated in different entertainment mediums such as movies, television series and flash games. There is one main objective which is to have a great entertainment for people to ponder and experience. One good example is the flash game called Red Ball 5.

This is already the fifth installment or serving from the game series called Red Ball. This has an interesting story to read and ponder. The scenario in this game is that the red balls are worrying because of the plan of the black squares to turn the circular world into a square one. Your goal is to stop the plan of the black squares by defeating them while overcoming the dangers and hinders presented in each level of this game. You should jump, roll and overcome on the blocks until you reach the exit flags.

Build a prosperous community with Dwarf Village

Are you familiar with simulation games? If not, it is fine because you will eventually know more about them as you read along with this content. Simulation games are entertainment mediums that enable a gamer to experience of what it feels like to do a profession, an activity or a process. These types of games are becoming more in demand because of the learnings that they provide to players besides the usual entertainment or fun. One good example being presented in this content is Dwarf Village.

If you think that is has something to do with dwarves, you are totally correct. The mission of anyone who will be engaging with this game is to build a village with lots of crops, fruits and livestock. Your ultimate goal is to make it prosperous like a real villager or farmer on the side. The best learning that you can get from playing this game is the sense of being industrious and creative to make a living.

Strap your pet and make them travel over 200mph in Rocket Pets

Play with your pets, and launch them in cannons. Or attach them to rockets. Yes you can do that in Rocket Pets, but do not try this on your house pet or your neighbor’s. Anyway enjoy in this adventure game by going as far as you can, without having your pet’s jetpack explode or getting spiked. Fly on different worlds, and enjoy the view while playing. You will control your pet, by left clicking and holding it. the longer you hold the left-click button, the higher your pet will fly, but beware that your pet’s jetpack may overheat and explode. There is a temperature bar on the lower=right corner that show you how hot the jetpack is.

Letting your pet run will rest the jetpack and will lose some heat, but it is real slow and will not sustain the run, so you need to pick up power ups that will help it cool down. Coins are also scattered in each stage, loot as many as you can to upgrade your pet’s jetpack and coin magnet capabilities. You can also buy more pets that can substitute your fallen ones, and continue the run. After collecting enough “pet paws” you can unlock another world to explore. Rocket Pets is a fun running game, that animal lovers will truly love. Aside from the cute pets that you can choose from, the sound is really adorable and something that can relax you as you play. So try it out and let me know what you think.

Win the Game in Return Man 6

Ever dreamt of being an American Football superstar or coach? Imagining as if you were the quarterback and you are making a game winning point? Return Man 6 : Wideout is just the thing for you. Set up plays or be the quarter back that catches the long pass. Run over yards and dodge opposing defending ends or defending tacklers. Catch that pass, and make your team win the match.

You will be playing a quarter back that should follow a series of plays. Miss one of the steps or places you must go to, and you will fail to catch the football. As you go on, plays will become more and more complex, the window of time for the catch will be shorter, and you will run further distances and lastly, have more guards defending. You use I, J, K and L for movement and spacebar to catch the football. The controls seems at an awkward position from your usual W, A, S and D or the arrow keys. But as you proceed in the game these keys will also be used for other moves like jumping catch. It will take some attempts but afterwards you will find yourself having no trouble catching those long passes. There will be points credited to you even if a play fails and there is a bonus scores every after successful play. You can share your total points on Facebook or you could just simply send it to a friend when you are playing in the ESPN Arcade website.

For all the sports fans out there but doesn’t want to get out of their seats, you can expect Return Man 6 game to be exciting and full of adrenaline-rush moments. Exercise your hand and eye coordination, relieve stress and at the same time, imagine the feeling of you being the game winning star of your team.